Pleated NY Filter

Pleated NY Filter

MF-NY series use nylon microporous membrane as its main material. The pore size of nylon membrane is very serried and its retension rate reaches more than 99%. We use food-grade materials, sanitary and safe.

Product Details

MF-NY Pleated NY Membrane Filter

MF-NY series use nylon microporous membrane as its main material.  The pore size of nylon membrane is very serried and its retension rate reaches  more than 99%. We use food-grade materials, sanitary and safe. The housings, core support and end caps all all use hot melting sealings, no adhesive. All products are manufactured and sealed in dust-free workshops which meets high standards of medicine and industry and micro-electronics.



◎Support/Diversion Layer:PP

◎Cage/Core/End Cap:PP

◎OD:Ø68mm , 83mm

◎Filtration Area:0.55m²/10"

◎Micron Rating:0.1、0.22、0.45、1、3 (µm)



30"(750、 762mm)、40"(1000、1016mm)、50"、60"、70"

◎Sealing Material:Silicone, Buna, EPDM, Viton

◎Maximum Operating Temperature:≤80°C  

◎Maximum Operating Differential Pressure:0.4Mpa@room temperature

◎Sterilization Condition:121°C 30Min

◎Connector:Single Open End、DOE、226/Fin、226/Flat、222/Fin、222/Flat、

Inside O-ring/Flat、ThreadsM30,M36 

●Product Features:

◎Good hydrophilicity , uniformly pore size, high toughness. 

◎Higher retension rate, more than 99.9%.

◎Acid and alkali resistan,chemical resistance.

◎Food-grade materials, sanitary and safe . Manufactured and sealed in dust-free workshops. 


Medical Sovents;Chemical Organic Sovents、Plating Sovents;Domestic Water、Mineral Water、Beverage、Liquor;Reverse Osmosis System Pre-filtration of Electronics; Deionized Water system Pre-filtration; Gas Filtration; Photoresist.  

●Product Order:

Length + MF-NY + Micron Rating + Connector Type + Gasket