Water purifier market size

- Nov 09, 2018-

The water purifier market will exceed 100 billion

Statistics show that China's water pollution incidents are high, and the population involved in the unsafe water quality of drinking water sources is about 140 million. The water pollution situation is shocking, and the demand for safe drinking water for ordinary residents is becoming more and more serious. The home improvement water purifier is also very necessary.

According to the prospectus for water purifiers, the percentage of households using water purifiers increased from 4.7% in 2008 to 12.2% in 2012 and is expected to rise further to 32.0% in 2017; using water purifiers The number of households increased from 18.1 million households in 2008 to 50.5 million households in 2012, with a compound annual growth rate of 29.2%. It is expected that the compound annual growth rate will increase by 22.8% from 2013 to 2017.