Air filter application range

- Nov 09, 2018-


The user-friendly design makes it easy to replace the filter element. It adopts high-quality filter material and technical design. The filter element has super hydrophobic and breathable performance, and the high-quality aluminum alloy shell completely removes oil, impurities and liquid water in the compressed air. The product has a stronger ability to remove pollution and has a smaller pressure drop. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy; internally and externally sprayed epoxy powder to improve pressure resistance and corrosion resistance; O-sealed leak-proof ring; ribbed shell for easy use of elbow wrench; differential pressure gauge for replacement of filter The best time, try to improve; filter investment utilization and reduce pressure drop; liquid level indicator can be used to visually monitor the level of liquid level, pay attention to maintenance at any time; working pressure is 0.2--1.3MPA, working temperature <66.

Application range

The compressed air filter removes contaminants from the compressed air system: corrosive solid particles such as iron filings, dust, and scale, compressor lubricants, condensed water droplets, acid-cooled condensate, and hydrocarbon mist. The compressor air system provides high quality compressed air for the application. It is one of the necessary filtration equipment in the factory or laboratory. The equipment includes the upper cover, the middle cover and the lower case. The upper cover and the middle cover are provided with two round holes, and the corresponding two circles of the upper cover and the middle cover Two aluminum barrels are connected side by side between the holes to form first and second filter chambers, and the lower end of the lower case is connected to the drainage device by a connection head, and a floating ball is arranged in the drainage device. The device also adopts a two-stage three-stage filter structure, that is, the first and second filter chambers and the middle case form a three-stage filter structure, and special filter materials are arranged in the device, so that the entire compression process can be carried out in the air. The water, oil, rust and other impurities are completely removed, and the filtration efficiency can reach 99.9%.